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Managed cybersecurity services

Penetration tests

Penetration tests simulate real scenarios of malicious attacks against web applications and systems, as well as internal and public network infrastructure.

Web Application Firewall

WAF protects your web applications by filtering, monitoring and blocking malicious HTTP/S traffic. It does this by adhering to a set of rules that help determine what traffic is malicious and what traffic is safe.

DNS Filtering Gateway

The service allows comprehensive filtering of DNS traffic according to predefined rules and configuration. Ability to monitor and trace DNS history, as well as create multiple policies and groups.

Endpoint protection

A cloud-based system that provides complete security with comprehensive visibility of computers and servers, as well as flawless protection against multiple threats.

SIEM софтуер

A SIEM is a security solution that enables real-time monitoring of various cybersecurity logs sent by multiple different IT systems, computers, and servers that can be correlated and processed in real-time.

Vulnerability Assessment

The service provides automated testing for all available public vulnerabilities, both in web applications and systems, IT services and network devices.

Security Email Gateway

Cloud-based service that allows complete filtering of incoming and outgoing traffic from your email server. Guaranteed blocking of all spam, malicious and dangerous emails. It can also act as a DLP solution.

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Security Awareness Training

The purpose of such cyber security training is mainly to improve the digital culture of your employees as well as to make them understand what are the dangers in the digital world that they need to defend against.

Information Security Policies

Security should be a concern for every employee in an organization, not just IT professionals and top managers. One effective way to educate employees about the importance of security is through cybersecurity policies that explain each employee's responsibilities for protecting IT systems and data.

Data Breach Investigation

The service offers a comprehensive approach to security incident investigation. If so, our team can help your business by identifying the source of unauthorized access and providing the best approach to risk management.

Ransomware incidents

The service offers complete help and support in case of a ransomware attack against your organization. Our specialists will try to recover as much information as possible, and additionally can be a communication point with the threat actors. All forensic and remediation activities are included.

CISO as a Service

A CISOaaS service involves outsourcing security management responsibilities to an external provider. By hiring a vCISO to remotely manage its security, a company automatically gains access to staff and resources that it normally does not and cannot have.

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