// Who are we?

About CYBERONE and the team

CYBERONE is a small team of about 10 people, which has been together for more than 5 years and works on various projects, mostly focused on the field of information security and conducting cyber security audits.

Our team fully consists of technical people who have many years of professional experience in the IT industry. It is a priority for all of us that things happen in the most meticulous and professional manner.

That is why we decided to create CYBERONE – to help other professionals develop their business in the most efficient and secure way.

// Certifications and skills

What certifications do CYBERONE specialists have?


Part of the team has many years of experience in conducting information security audits, penetration tests, as well as other professional offensive security activities. Our specialists are certified by international organizations such as ECCouncil, Offensive Security, ELearn Security (INE).

The company Cyber One Ltd. is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20001 international certificates for quality and security.

// Our officer and Security operation center

Security Operation Center

Since 2019, CYBERONE has established its own advanced Security Operations Center in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Together with our Israeli partners, we strive to provide quality cyber security and IT services. The cyber security center has 24/7 operation, a server room, guaranteed internet and telephony and back-up power supply.

// What are we trying to achieve?

Our mission...

With each passing year, cybersecurity is becoming an integral part of every company’s business processes. Whether you handle critical information or not, your company can become the target of a targeted or random hacker attack. Building information security in your company is not a one-time action, but a long and complex process. Our specialists will try to simplify this process for you.

Malicious hackers can not only exfiltrate company data and assets, but also have access to vast sums of money, confidential financial documents, contracts and customer databases. They also often manage to gain complete remote control over the company’s networks and systems. This practically means that they can penetrate anywhere, steal and manipulate documents, as well as block all company activities.

Our mission is to effectively counter any individuals who attempt to commit unauthorized access, as well as any other malicious actions against our customers’ assets. The implementation of innovative security systems, as well as the constant process of monitoring and protecting our customers, is priority #1 for us.

// Friends of CYBERONE

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