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Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying vulnerabilities commonly known in information systems only by using automated assessment methods. The term is often associated with penetration tests and the two are widely used interchangeably. However, there are important differences between the two terms, so don't confuse them. Penetration testing focuses on exploiting the discovered vulnerabilities and on the other hand vulnerability assessment only identifies the vulnerabilities in the system without actually testing/exploiting them. This service includes automatic vulnerability scanning priority based on impact, severity and probability. This is suitable for organizations that are keen to gain an overview and awareness of cyber security. The main objective is to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to unauthorized access and exposure of data to unauthorized persons.
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Vulnerability scanning processes

The purpose of this step is to compile a comprehensive list of application or system vulnerabilities. Security professionals assess the security of in-scope applications and systems, servers or other systems by scanning them with automated tools.

The purpose of this step is to identify the source and root cause of the vulnerabilities identified in step one. This includes identifying the system components responsible for each vulnerability and the root cause of the vulnerability. For example, the root cause of a vulnerability could be an old version of an open source library.

The purpose of this step is to prioritize vulnerabilities. This involves security professionals assigning a rank or severity rating to each vulnerability based on many risk factors as well as the environment.

The purpose of this step is to reduce the risk of security breaches. Specialists issue prescriptions and recommendations for the elimination of vulnerabilities, and it is also possible to provide external references and analyses for easier problem solving.

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Delivery of the Service

We can help you determine which part of your IT infrastructure could benefit most from vulnerability scanning. It is always a good idea to eliminate IP addresses, domains or system that are inactive or have almost no ports, interfaces or services available.

Your company will sign an agreement with us as well as an NDA. The scope of the project will be outlined in the contract to ensure that we do not breach the scope of the scan. The start and duration of the assignment are also defined and noted in the contract.

Our team will begin the vulnerability scan and notify you if there are any performance or connectivity issues during the scan.

The final product is an automated scanner report reviewed and approved by our experts. It includes a summary and classification of vulnerabilities, images, as well as risk mitigation recommendations and references.