Vulnerability scanning aims to detect security vulnerabilities. The service ends with a report that gives you complete information on how to take the right protection measures.

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What is Vulnerability assessment?

Complete information on information security and protection of your systems is invaluable.

Many organizations are waiting to be the victim of a hacker attack in order to take serious measures for cyber protection. But how can you be sure that you have protected your business if you do not understand the dangers to which it is exposed?

CyberOne offers a complete cybersecurity solution that includes complete information about existing vulnerabilities in your systems, detailed and prioritized. This allows your IT team to take the right steps to protect your digital information.

A new generation of protection

Vulnerability assessment

Internal network vulnerability test

Good protection of external networks is paramount for any organization, but cunning attackers have found many ways to get around it. They often carry out their attacks using vulnerabilities that are located in the internal network. With the help of internal network tests, our specialists will assess the security of your network infrastructure. This test assesses vulnerabilities in servers, desktops, network device configurations, firewalls, and more. It ends with a report describing all identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for their elimination.


External network vulnerability test

External network vulnerability scanning will help you to identify ways in which a potential attacker could harm your systems. CYBERONE uses award-winning vulnerability scanners which will evaluate the security of your servers, web applications and encryption technologies. After performing the scanning you will receive a report in which all identified vulnerabilities will be described in detail with attached recommendations for their effective elimination. This type of testing is essential for maintaining the protection of information systems.


Web application vulnerability test

We can provide you with a Web Application Vulnerability Test which is an automatic scan of your website and other web applications. It will help you detect security vulnerabilities related to incorrect configuration, weak passwords, exposed system information, access initials, or unprofessionally written code. The report we will provide you after the test includes comprehensive information on the vulnerabilities found, prioritized and easy steps to correct them so that you can remove them before they are exploited by a malicious person.


Mobile application vulnerability test

Our team can perform Mobile application static code security analysis and provide you with a detailed analysis describing all detected vulnerabilities, a detailed explanation of the dangers they may lead to and recommendations for their elimination. This will allow you to identify security vulnerabilities before your application is published oficially.



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