As you pursue your business goals, CyberOne will take care of your security.


Who are we?

Experienced. Dedicated. Different.

CyberOne is 100% focused on cybersecurity. In fact, that’s all we do. We are fully committed to combating cyber threats to ensure that our customers are fully protected.

CyberOne has two security operations centers (SOCs) located in Israel and Bulgaria, where our specialists monitor more than 1,000 endpoints every day. By investing in the best technology and the brightest geniuses in the industry, we provide effective detection, analysis and response to cyber attacks. This means that we identify the attack at the time it occurs and take the right measures to eliminate the risk to you and your information systems.

And what is the best defense these days? The one that ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability. At a reasonable price. As a leader in the cybersecurity market in Bulgaria, CyberOne combines technological innovation with human intelligence to develop the full potential of your security and protection.

Our business model

  • CyberOne provides reliable cybersecurity solutions, regardless of the size of your business.
  • CyberOne protects 24/7/365 through two Security Operations Centers in Bulgaria and Israel, which deal with more than 10,000 cyber threats every day.
  • Knowledge of the latest threats allows us to provide you with incomparable protection.

Our team

Security expertise is essential for both your business and ours. That is why we are looking for the brightest minds in the industry to become part of the team of our Security Operations Centers.

  • Our experts spend hours investigating and responding to threats so they can build on the protections your organization receives.
  • Our ethical hackers check and assess the security status of your information systems, helping you to comply with the rules of compliance with national and international legal requirements.
  • Our analysts at the Security Operations Centers constantly monitor your information systems, alert you and take immediate action in case of problems.
  • Our incident response specialists understand and share your sense of urgency.
  • Our cybersecurity experts work closely with government and private organizations to help create new trends and standards in the field.

Presentation of our company