CyberOne Sparkguard

Software solution for continuous monitoring of information systems, immediate detection and response to cyber incidents.

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What is CyberOne SparkGuard?

Protect your business with 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection with CyberOne SparkGuard!

CyberOne SparkGuard is an innovative solution to protect against the latest cyber threats. It allows you to be cyber-secure without investing in hiring employees and expensive security systems.

CyberOne SparkGuard offers round-the-clock monitoring of your Cloud and server infrastructure, immediate detection of threats and quick response by our specialists.

A new generation of protection

CyberOne SparkGuard

24/7 proactive security

The experts from our Security Operations Center protect your business around the clock. They monitor your information systems for irregularities and take immediate action in cyber incidents.


Complete security monitoring solution

CyberOne SparkGuard offers a huge range of innovative security tools in one complete product. It goes beyond the capabilities of many other monitoring systems so that we can provide you with the best solution for centralized visibility of the security of your information systems, allowing early, effective detection and immediate response to an incident.


Detection of the most current threats

CyberOne SOC is constantly conducting tactical intelligence on the latest threats on the Internet, in cooperation with one of the best Israeli Security Operations Centers and its specialists, so that we can provide you with a new generation of protection.



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