CyberOne LiveProtect

CyberOne LiveProtect is a comprehensive system for monitoring network security and preventing threats. It detects breakthrough attempts in real time and immediately stops them.

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What is CyberOne LiveProtect?

What is the service?

CyberOne LiveProtect inspects network traffic using powerful tools to detect complex threats and non-compliance with important security rules. It allows for the highest efficiency in preventing hacker attacks and loss of valuable data.

A new generation of protection

CyberOne LiveProtect

Security analysis

CyberOne LiveProtect collects, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes security status data to provide Security Operations Center experts with the ability to detect breaches, threats, and anomalies in the normal operation of your information systems. As cyber threats become more complex, real-time monitoring and analysis of your security is required to quickly detect and eliminate them. That's why our CyberOne LiveProtect provides the necessary capabilities for monitoring, analyzing the information received and responding quickly if necessary.


Response to cyber incidents

CyberOne Live Protect enables the immediate detection of security breach attempts. In the event of such an event, our Security Operations Center specialists take urgent measures to protect you and your business from malicious individuals.