CyberOne WAF

CyberOne WAF is a service that detects, blocks and reports cyber attacks against sites and other web applications.

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What is CyberOne WAF?

Advanced and sustainable protection for your web applications

The dangers of cyberspace are evolving so fast that it would be impossible for a business to make frequent changes to its website or web application in order to be fully protected.

That’s why we developed the service CyberOne WAF. It protects your site or web application from complex hacker attacks that can lead to the loss of sensitive data or even control over your entire website.

A new generation of protection

CyberOne WAF

and that's not all ...


Attacks on web applications are incredibly common and increasingly complex. CyberOne WAF will prevent hacker attacks on your site or web application so that your business processes are not interrupted.


Many hacking attacks against web applications aim to steal sensitive information about your business or your customers. With CyberOne WAF you will protect your site and web applications from malicious people and block attacks in real time.


Your reputation can be severely tarnished by hacker attacks, which can lead to a loss of trust in your customers. CyberOne WAF will deter malicious individuals and their attacks to keep your business’s reputation intact.